Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Show patriotism with this Red, White and Blue Thank You

Hi y'all I am back and want to show you some patriotism
with this card I came up with....

The Robins Nest items used:

(the gold drops)

I also used punches. Please visit my blog for
a complete list of products used.....

I really hope you like what I have done here 
and maybe get a little inspiration from it!!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Simple and Easy Exploding Card

Hi everyone,
It's Angela here with a brand new card tutorial. Today I explain you how to make an exploding card. Are you ready? So, let's get started!
Starting with a square piece of paper, there are a few folds you have to make, the first is to fold the two diagonals,

Exploding Card by Angela Tombari for The Robin's Nest DT

like in the photos.

Exploding Card by Angela Tombari for The Robin's Nest DT

Third, fold in the middle, but on the other side of the paper.

Exploding Card by Angela Tombari for The Robin's Nest DT

Fold the crease made now on the opposite side, creating a triangle shape

Exploding Card by Angela Tombari for The Robin's Nest DT

Fold towards the middle the two extremities of the triangle

Exploding Card by Angela Tombari for The Robin's Nest DT

and fold the creases towards the inside.

Exploding Card by Angela Tombari for The Robin's Nest DT

Make the same with the triangle on the opposite side

Exploding Card by Angela Tombari for The Robin's Nest DT

You will end up with a final shape like this

Exploding Card by Angela Tombari for The Robin's Nest DT

The following step is not necessary, but I liked to cut a circle in the inside of the card.

Exploding Card by Angela Tombari for The Robin's Nest DT

Last, I glued  the folded card in the inside of the card made and I used a stripe of ribbon to keep the card closed.

Exploding Card by Angela Tombari for The Robin's Nest DT

And here is the magic when you open it!

Exploding Card by Angela Tombari for The Robin's Nest DT


Exploding Card by Angela Tombari for The Robin's Nest DT

voilĂ !

Exploding Card by Angela Tombari for The Robin's Nest DT

I hope you liked my exploding card and thanks so much for stopping by.


For making this card I used the following Robin's Nest papers:
12" Rosy Diamonds Cardstock
12" Silver Roses Glitter Cardstock

Sunday, May 21, 2017

How to be gift ready with The Robin's Nest Friendship Wraps

Hello and welcome to the blog today - Shelly here with a tip to make sure you are ready for any last minute "gift emergency"!

I have created two gift box / card sets using Friendship Wraps and Robin's Nest products that can be used for any occasion.  Simply add a sentiment, drop in your gift or gift card, sign the card - and voila! you are gift ready!

I have used the following products from  The Robin's Nest:

Friendship Wraps
Saffron Cards
Saffron Diamond Cardstock
Charity Never Faileth Cardstock
Orange Crush Cards
Dollie Die Cuts
Dew Drops

Friendship Wraps are a breeze to assemble and personalize with The Robin's Nest products.  Simple trim your cardstock to fit wrap, adhere and embellish!
Trim Saffron and Orange Crush Cards as desired and adhere

Can't find the right color Doillie ? Use any ink to customize!
Thanks for stopping by the blog today - - have a creative week!


A Pretty Little Purse For A Princess' Special Day

Hello Scrappy Friends! Tracy here today with a cute little purse I made for my granddaughter's 10th birthday. She's spending her birthday at Disney so I just had to go with a princess theme.

Robin's Nest Products

Other Products

I started by cutting and scoring the purse with my Cricut and the Girl Crown Glittered Cardstock.

Then folded along the scored lines.

I cut the scepter out of the Gold Glitter Cardstock and Pink Grapefruit Glitter Cardstock.

I glued the two pieces together using the Best Glue Ever by ScraPerfect. This glue works exceptionally well gluing anything onto glittered cardstock. It just gets down into all the little nooks and crannies and holds so well. I also glued the dew drops onto the scepter using the Best Glue Ever by ScraPerfect along with the Embellie Gellie by ScraPerfect. The Embellie Gellie makes it so easy to place the tiny little Dew Drops in exactly the right place. 
I cut a small length of the Rosy Straw and tied and glued it around the handle of the scepter.

Again, using the Best Glue Ever by ScraPerfect, I glued the purse together. This glue makes it so easy to get everything lined up perfectly since it doesn't dry immediately. I glued the decorated scepter and additional Dew Drops to the front of the little purse, tied a couple of ribbons to the handles and filled it with tissue paper and a couple of gift cards. I just think this is so cute!

Hope you have a scrappy day and thanks for stopping by!

The Robins Nest Heritage Scrapbook Layout Albert

Hi all

I am back on The Robins Nest blog with a heritage scrapbook layout of my great grandfather Albert.

Products used 

Once you have selected your photograph, Mount it onto brown glitter card stock and trim to fit

Next cut a wide strip of the leafy green stripe card stock and adhere this down the middle of the page.

Cut a large rectangle out of the Getaway glitter card stock and adhere your photo to the center and adhere to page.

Write down your text onto a glitter journal card and adhere to the page. Decorate around the photo using buttons and metal charms.

Add a title using glitter alphabet stickers

                                                        Thank you for visiting

Saturday, May 20, 2017

How To Make Adorable Mini Lace Crowns

Hello everyone.
Welcome to Chattering Robin's blog.

Michelle here with you today to share 
the first phase of my latest project,
featuring products from 
The Robin's Nest.

I am creating a lace crown mobile,
to hang in my craft room.
The following are my first 3 crown's
that I have completed.

For this project, I used a variety of Venice lace trims,
glimmer & ink sprays, acrylic interference paint, 
rhinestone trims & fabric stiffener,
last and not least of these, I used a variety 
of shapes & colors, of the 
Robin's Nest Dew Drops.

This is also a collaborative project,
featuring Best Glue Ever
and Embellie Gellie, and Transfer Foils
from ScraPerfect.

The first step, is to decide how large 
you want the crowns to be.
My measurement in length is 6.5 inches, 
the half inch being for the slight 
overlap to hold it together.

I then coated each trim, on both sides
with a fabric stiffener, and gave time
to cure on both sides as well. Mine
took an hour or so. This will vary 
with product preference.

While in the straightened & stiffens state,
I then spritzed with metallic and glimmer sprays.
Drying each with my heat gun, to start
shaping the lace into rounded shapes.

Next, I used ScraPerfect transfer foils, 
very randomly burnishing them over 
the surface of the lace, 
to add a hint of shimmer.

Once done, I used Best Glue Ever, to 
add the embellishments to each crown,
including the RN Diamond Dew Drops & Original Dew Drops
as the "jewels" on each crown.
I also used the BGE to hold the rounded crown shape.

Totally loving the way the first crowns have turned out.
What a fun project this is going to be
to complete.

Thank you for stopping by today!

Visit The Robin's Nest online store
for exclusive card & paper stock, as well as
the huge variety of Dew Drops.

Fast and Easy Baby Layouts

Hello Readers

Robin posting today.

These are the last few pages I made for my friend for her
new baby album.

These pages are 12x12,

I found that just adding some fun borders to the sides of the
pages give the layout plenty of room to just add photos to the middle 
of the page.

I used solid pink cardstock and then added 
my embellishements and stickers to the edge of the page.

Robin's Nest cardstock used

Rosy Chevron Cardstock  Wedding Cut-Outs Cardstock

This page could be used for any age, but I decided to share it anyway.

These are the Robin's Nest products I used on this page.
Black Herringbone Cardstock  Bunny Cardstock  Black Glitter on White Carstock Journal Tags

Have a great day!

You can find these products on our website



Friday, May 19, 2017

How to make a card for a small fashion lover

Hi all,

Today I am coming with card for a fashion lover.

I have used:

First I cut two squares from different cardstock to how more layers in the background
Next I have added white stripe to how something extra
I cut my dress with die using two cardstock
In the end I have added two dew drops as a buttons, leaves, flowers & balloons
And I am ready to go for birthday party
Hope you like it! Have a nice weekend

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